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Get Off Your Butt and Do It!

When I started to look at my health in a different way, I realized that is was not only what I ate, but my outlook on life.


Over the years, as I gathered more information to improve my health and felt sexier, bad habits naturally fell away.


Here are my 3 top tips that you can do today to change your life. You may already be doing some of these!


Step 1: Buy a sexy lingerie item!

What? What does that have to do with my health? Lets face it, we are too busy with driving the kids around, running to and from work, tidying the house and everything under the sun that we don't pay attention to ourselves.


We sometimes get it into our heads that we will ONLY feel sexy ONCE we have lost weight, feel better or have toned up our muscles. Well, how about doing the reverse. Sometimes we have to fake sexiness until we really do feel sexy. The more sexy you feel, the more you want to look after yourself. When you feel sexy, your mood lifts, your posture improves and you start to feel confident.


We suggested buying a lingerie item, but perhaps it is getting a new haircut or something else.


Look at this Oprah show on how 4 Women Found their Inner Vixens


Guys: if you are reading this, do something that makes you feel sexy, buy a new cologne or lingerie for your partner - you will benefit from it too ;-)


Step 2: Eat seaweed!

There are a slew of benefits when you eat seaweed:

  • They are FULL of vitamins and minerals - when your body is starved for nutrition, it craves food, so feed your body with the right foods.
  • It controls your appetite (so grab the seaweed Annie Chun's to ward off the afternoon slump)
  • It increases your metabolism so you can look extra sexy in that new lingerie item you bought (from Step 1)
  • It prevents bloating


Check out this article from Dr. Oz's website on 3 different types of seaweed and how they are great for you!


Step 3: Commit to a yoga class 3 times a week!

We know exercise is good for us - it relieves stress, boosts our metabolism and makes us feel happy.


How many times though do we have every intention to do some physical activity and then by the time 5pm comes around, we realize we haven't done anything. "I guess, I will try again tomorrow."




Pick 3 days to do a yoga class, look at your schedule and book it into your calendar! NO EXCUSES! If pairing up with someone motivates you and you know they will keep you on track and vice versa, then buddy up with a friend, partner, or family member. If you both book it in your calendars, you are more likely to follow through on it.


Why I picked 3? Well start small. Doing a class once a week will not make an impact. 3 times a week seems more realistic. If you choose 6 times a week, you may feel like a failure if you cannot make it to one. Once you get into a rhythm, you may have more energy and time for more classes.


Try out our Foundations to Yoga or 30 day Challenges to find motivation!