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I just finished watching the interview with Tedi (see below) and it brought tears to my eyes… I cannot believe how much weight she lost (95 lbs since doing yoga at Chrysalis) but that is not why she started yoga at Chrysalis and it is not why she continues! Check out how happy she looks - she is glowing in this interview!


Chrysalis Community Member Interview - Tedi
Chrysalis Community Member Interview - Tedi


When I came to yoga, it was to help with depression and I wanted to do a physical workout. Boy, was I in for a ride. Yes, I saw changes in my body - my triceps got stronger, I learnt to access deep core muscles and much more. But the biggest surprise was my mind. It took my racing mind and calmed it down. It lifted a cloud for me and I felt stronger, not just physically. Yoga transformed me so much so, that I met my life partner through yoga and opened 2 new businesses with him.


I see students transforming right in front of my eyes! The biggest transformation comes from consistency, being open to change and allowing that change to happen!