Yoga Advisor Staff



Carolyn Cameron 

Yoga Advisor



I started practicing yoga as a way to decrease stress and increase my flexibility but soon discovered that the benefits went way beyond the physical. I have had the privilege of working and practicing at Chrysalis since it opened in 2011 and recently I completed my 200 hour training with Clayton and Shanine. I can truly say that my yoga practice has had a transformational impact on my personal relationships, career and the way I live my life.

Stepping into the studio elevates my mood, makes me feel more at peace and I love that I get to share my love of yoga with others every day! I look forward to meeting and practicing with you. 


Heather Mizuno

Yoga Advisor


Heather Mizuno

The moment I walk into the warm and inviting atmosphere at Chrysalis Yoga, I feel at peace. There is so much positive energy from everyone who joins us for their practice.

Personally, I began practicing yoga occasionally many years ago, drawn to it as a form of exercise, and to increase strength and flexibility. Then at the beginning of 2014, I decided to start making some big changes in my life. Yoga became more of a priority for me, and this time I began to explore the restorative and gentle practices for stress relief and relaxation.

I have experienced significant health improvements, and it has helped improve my outlook on life and the way I approach challenging situations. I am excited to continue this yoga journey with my Chrysalis family.



Janet Takamatsu

Yoga Advisor

I have always been physically active and would find myself turning to yoga when I would be injured or a strain from an activity. Over the years I started to notice the benefits and effects of yoga.  My body was transforming and I could feel the overall wellness that yoga brought to my every day life.  Yoga helped me to release stress, continue to exercise with results and helped me reconnect with my true self.

This lead me on a journey to be become an Yoga Instructor. I studied and trained at Chrysalis and I am proud to be a recent graduate of the Teacher Training Program 2015/2016.

Chrysalis Yoga is an amazing community and I truly grateful to be part of as a Yoga Advisor, Teacher, Energy Exchange and Community Member. I encourage anyone who is thinking of trying Yoga to give it a try as the benefits are endless.

Julie Bijl

Yoga Advisor


Julie B

I first tried yoga when I was pregnant with my 4th child as a way of maintaining some flexibility and finding stress relief. My labor and delivery was amazing and I realized it was because of the power of the breath. I knew then that yoga would be something I would continue to practice. Six years later my yoga practice is a key part of my life. 

At first I noticed a change in my flexibility and physical fitness level. As my practice became more regular and deeper, the spiritual transformation really began for me. I learned how to let go of the past, forgive others and myself and take the time to find out the things in life that matter most to me. I had read once that you know when you are moving deeper into your yoga practice because things start to fall apart in your life. That you begin to question old beliefs, limiting self-talk and you challenge the things that aren't working. And that at the end of the chaos you are left with the life you are really meant to be living. For me this was the case and I haven't looked back. 

I work full-time as a police officer and have 4 beautiful children and a great husband at home. Everyone asks me why I choose to work at Chrysalis too. I always answer that Chrysalis is not a job to me but a community. It is the place where I can remind myself of all the good in the world, where I can practice gratitude and where the day to day stresses of life can be left at the door as you un roll your mat. 


Michelle Compas

Yoga Advisor


Michelle Compass web

Although surrounded by yoga and meditation in childhood, I resisted it because I couldn’t relate. I didn’t find a home for yoga in my heart until 2010. In 2011, I pursued Yoga Instructor certification to immerse myself into the philosophy and values of yoga. I realized that a spot in my life had always been held for it. In 2013, I found Chrysalis and fell in love – as I’m sure you will too! Working at Chrysalis is an opportunity for me create a space that welcomes you so you always feel glad to have arrived and look forward to your next visit.



Shelby Clements

Yoga Advisor

Shelby CYoga has been a wonderful outlet for the everyday stresses of life. As a university student I find that practicing yoga helps to keep me calm and allows me to destress. I also notice the physical benefits; yoga has allowed me to gain more strength and improve my flexibility. After completing a yoga class, I immediately feel more positive. I enjoy yoga due to the ability it gives me to escape to a place of tranquility and to take the time to focus on myself.

Choosing to work at Chrysalis was an easy choice for me to make. From the first time I began attending yoga classes at this studio I instantly felt positive vibes. From the warm and welcoming atmosphere to the kind, thoughtful staff who work there, I knew this would be an enjoyable work environment to immerse myself in.