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Dates & Teacher

2017 Dates:

Jun 5-26 with Rachel Saxon
Time: Mondays @ 6:45pm - 8:15pm

Jul 31 - Aug 28 with Carolyn Cameron
Time: Mondays @ 6:45pm - 8:15pm
(NOT Aug 7)

Sep 11 - Oct 2 with Angela Del Franco
Time: Mondays @ 6:45pm - 8:15pm

Oct 16 - Nov 6 with Rachel Saxon
Time: Mondays @ 6:45pm - 8:15pm

Nov 13 - Dec 4 with Jennifer Denney
Time: Mondays @ 6:45pm - 8:15pm



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Investment: $100 for the 4 classes, videos & manual 

Foundations of Yoga


Someone Said You Should Try Yoga

So you want to try something new and you heard yoga is great for increasing flexibility, healing injuries, helping with depression and calming your mind. Perhaps it was even recommended by a friend, family member or your doctor. You may be thinking: “Yikes, I don’t know anything about yoga. I can’t even touch my toes, I hope we don’t have to do some pretzel move where I have to get my leg over my head.”


I was a Beginner Too

When I (Shanine, owner of Chrysalis) first tried yoga, I was tight and stiff. I could not follow what the teacher was saying in class. I ached all over. I was sweating my butt off and couldn’t keep up with everyone. By the time I could actually do something, everyone was onto the next yoga pose. “This yoga stuff isn’t for me!”  Years later, I came back but I went to a gym to do yoga and the instructor had done a 1 weekend fitness course on how to teach yoga. I didn’t know better and so I thought I was doing yoga. Only when I went to a proper yoga studio did I find out I was not protecting my spine and my alignment was completely off. I could have seriously injured myself. Not only did I start to transform my body, but I started to open up. I became more confident. I started to learn about myself, my habits and beliefs and started to change them and how I saw the world.


Be Guided by a Professional, Experienced Yoga Teacher

I wanted to make sure that when people start yoga, they do so with a qualified professional yoga teacher in a slow-paced, supportive environment. Our 4-week signature series focuses on a few poses each week, along with breath work and reflection questions and topics to view our patterns and life. It is designed for the absolute beginner or for someone who wants a step-by-step review of the basics. You are paired with an experienced, senior yoga teacher at Chrysalis (remember they started exactly where you are starting - from the beginning). Our teachers are trained to handle injuries and give modifications based on your body type.


What You Will Receive

  • Personal attention in the class (class size is limited to 14 students)
  • How to modify poses for your body and/or injuries
  • Weekly check-in emails
  • A booklet with 4 weeks worth of content - instructions on yoga poses covered in class, reflection questions and other information based on that week
  • A weekly video home practice with owners, Shanine & Clayton


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Testimonials from Previous Participants:


Linda D

I have been a member of Chrysalis Yoga for six months. Because I had never done yoga before and I wanted to learn proper alignment, I decided to try the Foundations of Yoga series. I was tired of looking around the class trying to copy people when everyone I looked at was doing the pose a little different. I am so glad I did, because - WOW! Every pose has little secrets and when done properly, you feel amazing. I now have the confidence to attend other classes and to do home practice every day. The Foundations of Yoga is a lifetime gift I have given to my body! 



Ann N

I have come to Yoga in my fifties and after enjoying a few months of classes at Chrysalis Yoga, I wanted something more. Like most people of a certain age I have some injuries, so learning the correct way to work on poses and keep myself well aligned and therefore safe was very important to me. The once a week four-week course equipped me with all of the above and more. It truly is the best way to move your practice forward. I loved the video and the handouts after each week’s class, which acted as a good reference point for my home practice. Also, for me, learning the basics of a “flow” has really helped me as I take advantage of classes in the Fire Room. I highly recommend this program! 


Roseanne R

I was delighted to discover Foundations of Yoga at this Studio. I learned the poses and the importance of getting the technique to achieve maximum benefit. The teachers explained each pose in detail, the parts of the body each pose targeted and the correct way to engage. The Foundations of Yoga program is an inspiring and insightful instruction for beginners but would be beneficial to all levels. The environment is relaxed and happy. I acquired a new attitude towards my body, mind, spirit and goals. I came to Yoga much later in life than most and wanted to conquer some personal physical struggles before moving on. Foundations of Yoga provided that vehicle. I loved the diversity of the teachers who were diligently watching us all the time, always at our sides gently correcting, modifying and assisting each of us before we were even aware of our need. I am grateful to have been introduced to Yoga through Foundations and I think it is the one pre-requisite that everyone should take. I find myself mindful throughout my classes of what I learned from Foundations including my Teachers’ philosophies and the enthusiasm they imparted. Thank you Chrysalis Yoga for providing Foundations of Yoga! 


Ann C

After a recent serious health scare, I realized that I had to take a more pro-active approach to my health, so I signed up for the Founda- tions Of Yoga program. I truly enjoyed these classes and the knowledgeable and caring teachers showed me how to adapt each of the poses to my body, so I experience the essence of the pose, while staying out of pain. I have found that the practice has given me back my joie de vivre and confidence to do so many other things! Since taking the Foundations of Yoga Program, I am stronger, I’ve lost weight, my balance has improved, and my blood pressure is so low that my doctor is talking about taking me off medication! My new yoga practice has built my inner motivation and I have more energy! It really lit a fire within me! 


Samantha T

I came to the Foundations of Yoga program to learn new tools to help me man- age stress, deal with anxi- ety, and reduce the pain I was experiencing in my body. Not only did I find amazing and effective tools and solutions, but I also made many new friends in this supportive, warm, and nurturing environment. Learning to breathe again was a major revelation! Especially because of my pain issues, I was thrilled to learn the proper techniques to help me get into and out of poses. Now I know the various modifications I can take for different poses to keep myself pain-free! The Foundations of Yoga program gave me so much confidence in my practice, and now I feel I can go deeper and keep challenging myself!!