Management Staff



Clayton Smith

ClaytonYoga means full engagement with life. Yoga has radically transformed and literally saved my life. By the age of 40, I was mired in a debilitating pattern of addictive and self-destructive behaviour. I was labelled “bipolar” by the “experts” and prescribed heavy sedatives to keep me “sane.” Thankfully, Grace intervened. Yoga restored me to balance and made life worth living again.


Every teacher has taught me something: Nesta Falladown, Tony Murdock, Todd Norian and Ann Greene.


I teach physically, emotionally and mentally challenging classes with humour, care and precision, interweaving yoga asana, philosophy, pranayama and meditation to help students break through self-limiting beliefs and reveal their true selves.


Shanine Dennill

Co-founder & Yoga Teacher
ShanineI was introduced to yoga while living in South Africa. It wasn’t until I came to Canada, after people encouraged me to try yoga again, that I fell in love with it. I forgot the world and slowly immersed myself in the art of yoga. I felt more physically, mentally and emotionally empowered by the practice of yoga. I have noticed dramatic physical changes over the years of practicing it. Yoga has opened up my heart, allowed me to become more connected with myself and the flow of grace in my life.


I am inspired by my teachers, friends and family (especially my mom). I look up to Nesta Falladown, Todd Norian & Ann Greene, Tony Murdock, many teachers and my students.


My classes focus on finding the beauty in the poses, ourselves and life, while remaining grounded in the principles of alignment.


Carolyn Cameron

Energy Exchange Coordinator
Being at Chrysalis has been an extremely positive and transformational experience for me, my practice and involvement at the studio has changed my life! I started as a part time yoga advisor at the studio when it opened 2011, moved into a full time position in 2014, completed my yoga teacher training here in 2015 and recently took on the role of Energy Exchange coordinator. I am thrilled to be involved in so many aspects of the studio - I feel a sense of community and love when I enter this space. I look forward to meeting you on your mat!