Mentorship Program

Our Chrysalis Yoga Mentorship program is designed to help you further your skills as a yoga teacher. It is an opportunity for you to be comfortable in being in the seat of a yoga teacher, to work one on one with an experienced yoga teacher (your mentor), ask questions and receive guidance specific to you and your needs. We have experienced yoga teachers to help you on your personal and professional development.

For more information, download the Mentorship Package below.

The program lasts for 3 months. You can start at any time.

Choosing Your Mentor:
We have a diverse range of teachers with different styles and areas of interest. All of our mentors are experienced in yoga and in teaching yoga. They have been through many of your fears, and have lots of wisdom and stories to share. We will ask you to list 2-3 mentors in order of preference and will check with your mentor(s) of choice for availability. Requests will also be evaluated based on your needs/goals to pair you up with a mentor that will best serve you.


Information Package

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