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Angela Del Franco

Yoga Teacher


Angela Del FI started yoga 15 years ago for physical reasons and have been blessed to experience so much more. Yoga is now a choice that I make every day to dedicate and commit to understanding the body and the mind and with this yogic journey I have also discovered I have been able to understand myself and others. I continue to learn how yoga is beneficial for all stages of development and is truly universal.


I have had many teachers that have shared the gift of yoga and transformed my point of view on life. Nesta Falladown is one of those teachers, she inspires me to have a deeper understanding of what yoga is and to awaken to my full potential.


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Angela Jackson

Yoga Teacher


Angela J_copy1Yoga is a way for me to really get to know who I am. It has been the means to access my true being and reach my full potential in this life. I cherish my time on my mat and live yoga everyday in all that I do. Yoga is not just the asana practice; it is a way of living life gracefully & peacefully.


My first yoga instructor while I was living in Costa Rica taught the entire class in Spanish. At the time I didn’t speak or understand much of the language however the language of yoga is truly universal. I am so thankful for Eduardo and the passion that came through in his teachings. He inspired me to explore my spirituality during a time when I needed it most. I am also thankful for Shannon Holmes who led me through my teacher training and gave me a foundation. And Cynthia Funk who provided me with my pre & post-natal training.


I teach Hatha, Prenatal and yoga for athletes. My teaching style is focused around proper alignment and assisting you to reach your potential in every pose. My goal in every class is to bring a greater physical and spiritual awareness to my students.


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Anwar Qureshi

Yoga Teacher
AnwarWhen I first came to yoga I never would have guessed what a transformation it would bring about in my life; how it would change my relationships, my career, and how I value and utilize time. It wasn't that yoga gave me a prescribed path, but it helped me find what I had spent so much time burying; a self unencumbered by doubt, fear, or shame.


I have had two transitions in my yoga practice. The first came when I started practicing with Katherine, who showed me how much more yoga had to offer than just the physical asana. Then, when I began practicing Ashtanga Yoga under Katie McClelland, I realized yoga was something I would devote myself toward continually refining.


I teach classes designed to balance physical and mental discipline with openness and ease, bringing these characteristics together through mindfulness on and off my mat.


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Brittany Folino

Yoga Teacher

I have practiced yoga on and off since I was just an adolescent. But it really sucked me in after struggling through a few difficult years with depression and anxiety. I had revisited my mat once again for a countless time in 2013, homesick and distraught but this time it was different. Something opened up inside of me and released. My anxiety dissipated, the depression melted away and I felt this strong connection with something higher. I felt connected to my self, body, breath, and ultimately the universe. The things I was deeply struggling with began to transform into light, strength and peace within. A year later I felt called to start my journey as a yoga teacher to share this amazing gift with others.

I am so grateful for Clayton and Shanine who taught and guided me through my yoga teacher training. I am also immensely inspired and influenced by Johanna De Castro, Trish Dingman, Anwar Qureshi, Sarah Barnhart, and plenty more!

When I teach I try to let go and allow creativity to flow through me and inspire my classes. There is a strong focus on alignment, breath and moving inwards to allow the external world to melt away. I encourage students to find their edge and evolve their practice by tapping into their strength, breath and potential. My classes will help you to build strength, flexibility, and find mind-body awareness. I hope for students to leave my classes feeling uplifted, inspired and to awaken to their full potential both on and off the mat.

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Carolyn Cameron

Yoga Teacher
I started practicing yoga as a way to decrease stress and increase my flexibility but soon discovered that the benefits went way beyond the physical.
I can truly say that my yoga practice has had a transformational impact on my personal relationships, career and the way I live my life. I have had the privilege of working and practicing at Chrysalis since it opened in 2011 and recently I completed my 200 hour training with Clayton and Shanine.
I am inspired daily by all of the wonderful teachers at the studio and am delighted to have a new opportunity to connect with our community members through teaching.
In my classes I aim to create a sense of fun and community with students by sharing my unique self and sense of playfulness. I encourage students to find joy and connection with themselves and others through a safe and accessible practice.


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Cayla Altorf

Yoga Teacher


Cayla Altorf

I started practicing yoga maybe five years ago. I mostly started for a physical practice as I have always been into athletic activities. A few years later, after some ups and downs emotionally I delved even deeper into my practice. After months of consistent practice, I knew that yoga was something I had to share with the world. It had opened my eyes to so many wonderful experiences that I couldn’t imagine not opening people up to its amazing benefits.

After making the decision that I wanted to teach, I began looking for somewhere to train and magically Chrysalis Yoga just came into my life. I trained underneath Shanine and Clayton for 8 months and am so excited to start my journey teaching! My goal is to bring a fun, non-judgemental atmosphere to my class and allow for creativity but to also push people outside their comfort zones, knowing that there is so much to experience in this place. Namaste 
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Chris Nguyen

Yoga Teacher

ChrisWalking into my first yoga class, I did not know what to expect at all. I was around 16 years old and thought it would be a great way to pass time and little did I know it was the spark of lifelong exploration – I knew it was something that I had to continue in my life.

Since then, I have pursued a daily Ashtanga-Mysore practice. I truly believe that one’s yoga practice will never reach a peak; rather it will continuously grow stronger and deeper – past the physical asana. In 2015, I made two separate trips to Mysore, India to study the Ashtanga Yoga method in it’s complete purity with R. Sharath Jois and Saraswathi Rangaswamy at the Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute and will continue year trips to deepen my studies in this tradition.

As a teacher, I bring in different modalities to compliment the yoga practice. My desire to continuously study not only the yoga practice but also the body and movement allows me to expand on my own practice and share it with my students to move well and correctly. I strive to teach from a place of compassion and curiosity, as that is how I have been taught. I want my students to feel better when they leave a yoga class, feel supported in the environment around them and trust that the yoga room is a place to grow.

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Danielle Domingues

Yoga Teacher



I have been a student of yoga since 2007 when I first fell in love with my practice as an outlet to reduce my day-to-day stress. I have trained under Shanine Dennill and Clayton Smith in the Hatha tradition- Anusara Inspired. I teach a variety of styles including Vinyasa, Gentle and Core inspired classes for both beginner and advanced students.

With every class I teach I bring my experience and knowledge as a Child and Youth Worker, my passion of travel and my love and sensitivity for helping others. I want to ignite the passion of yoga in my students by sharing my knowledge, providing assistance when needed and guiding them through thoughtful and creative sequences. I want to cultivate the positive energy that brings students to their mats; have it be mental, physical and/or emotional and encourage my students to deepen their personal practice. I want my students to feel a sense of clarity, self-awareness and happiness both on and off their mats in their every day lives. With this, I promise my classes are a balance of flexibility, strength and creativity with a major focus on proper alignment. 

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Danielle McKinlay

Yoga Teacher


Danielle M

I first came to yoga as part of my fitness journey, but soon found that yoga was not only transforming my body, but my mind, too. Through yoga, I found an increased sense of confidence, health and happiness that has helped me with low self-esteem and body-image issues. I was inspired to pursue yoga further, so I took the YTT program at Chrysalis Yoga with Clayton and Shanine, which was truly a life-changing experience. I am immensely grateful for their guidance, honesty, humour and support through this journey. As a teacher, I encourage all students to dig deep within to explore how yoga can empower their lives, on & off the mat.

My classes are a Hatha/Vinyasa based-style and have a strong emphasis on safe alignment and linking movement with the breath.

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Debbie Dubois

Yoga Teacher


Debbie D

I began practicing yoga many years ago as a complement to my gym workouts and running. At first I was worried that yoga wouldn’t be enough of a workout, but I quickly fell in love with both the physical, as well as the spiritual, practice. Not only has yoga kept me injury free during race training, but I’ve discovered that yoga is a “work-in” that has given me the gifts of increased calm, patience and loving kindness towards myself and others.

I completed my Yoga Teacher Training at Chrysalis Yoga under the expert guidance of Shanine Dennill and Clayton Smith and am forever grateful for their wisdom, humour, and inspiration. I am also grateful for the wisdom of Beth Rutty. My biggest teacher is my husband, Brent Williams, who teaches me how to be selfless, supportive, and loving every single day.

I teach Gentle, Hatha, and Flow classes and aim to connect with my students by sharing my authentic self and providing them with a safe space to discover and connect with their authentic selves.

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Deborah McNairn

Yoga Teacher & Barre Instructor


Deb MI started practicing yoga three years ago, and was inspired by Wendy Baker while she was doing her Yoga Teacher Training at Chrysalis. I came to the studio, took both Shanine and Clayton’s classes and knew it was time to make a change.

My personal struggles with mental illness and addiction have provided the opportunity to discover yoga as an amazing healing tool, however today yoga is a necessity for me. Through studying yoga I have come to appreciate the limitless benefits of pranayama and meditation.

I am married and have three wonderful and extremely active children that keep me motivated to make physical activity and healthy living a priority! I believe that with the optimal alignment and foundation, the practice of yoga is bound by nothing. We never fully reach the pinnacle; there is always more waiting at our edge. I am drawn to hot vinyasa, hot power and barre classes. My goal as a yoga teacher is to share my experiences, challenges and lessons learned to encourage self-discovery and freedom in others. I believe that through the physical practice of yoga anyone is capable of exploring and finding their version of extraordinary. I wish to inspire others to embrace all of who they are.

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Iris Kolenski

Yoga Teacher


Iris webI have always had a strong passion for personal fitness; beginning with many years of dance, gymnastics and cheerleading.  I was naturally drawn to yoga and started taking classes at my gym a few years ago.  Shortly after, I began experimenting with different styles of yoga at several different studios in the area.  Some personal life challenges lead me to consider deepening my practice by studying the art of yoga through teacher training.  It was a transformational experience that I am forever grateful for and I still often reflect on everything I learned from Colin Matthews and Grant Hutchinson. 


I am also very thankful for studio classes led by Trish Dingman and Sofia Jambor whose teachings continue to inspire my personal practice.


For me, yoga continues to be a life changing experience and I am passionate about sharing my love for the practice with others.  I assist in cultivating an energized practice focused on integration, alignment and body/mind awareness for a disciplined and wholesome life on and off the mat.


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Ingrid Pulpan

Yoga Teacher



Yoga has been a part of my life since 2007. What started out as a physical practice became so much more as I started to notice positive shifts in my mind, body and ultimately, life. Gradually yoga has transformed from something I do into a lifestyle.

I am grateful to Clayton Smith and Shanine Dennill with whom I completed my hatha yoga teacher training and Andrea Peloso under whom I am currently completing my restorative teaching training. I am also inspired by each one of my yoga teachers along the way.

I teach classes that integrate precise alignment, link movement with breath and are creatively sequenced to help build strength and flexibility.  I sprinkle in some playfulness, inspiration and maybe a challenging asana to help you deepen your practice.  Each class is different, as I tap into the energy of that day and class, and is designed to cultivate a meditative mind.

My hope is that you step off your mat feeling rejuvenated, balanced and connected to your mind, body and soul. 

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Jennifer Denney

Yoga Teacher


Jennifer Denney web

Yoga for me has been a great source of healing – physically and mentally.  I began practicing yoga in 2001 while in University as a form of exercise and to deal with the stress.  Since then yoga has helped me overcome the physical limitations of two knee injuries, one that limited my ability to walk for years and it has given me strength in challenging times to have confidence in myself and provided me with perspective on how to approach life in a positive way.


I am grateful and honoured for the opportunity to train with Shanine Dennill and Clayton Smith, who are so open in sharing their knowledge and experience.


In my classes I strive to create an experience in which students gain strength, from any starting point, calm their mind and relax their body. My goal is that students learn to apply lessons from their yoga mat to their daily lives to minimize stress from their busy day and live a balanced, healthy and present life.


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Johanna De Castro

Yoga Teacher


Johanna 1

I am involved in many communities through my love for yoga, sports, and my work at Boys & Girls Clubs of Hamilton. To be able to connect with others, share conversations and positive moments allows me to do everything I love in life!

I am grateful to my yoga teachers, my husband, and family. They’ve helped me transform in a way that I never thought possible. This journey has allowed me to open up a deeper connection to myself and has given me the courage to open my heart to great possibility. I truly love what I do and want to share this with others.

In my classes I bring balance, lightheartedness wrapped up with lots of love, laughter, and tutu’s on special occasions! Flow with me to ignite your inner fire and elevate your potential! Relax with me to find harmony in mind, body, and spirit. You can find me co-hosting 30 day challenges, retreats, part of the teacher trainee faculty, and rolling around with kid’s yoga!


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Marion Kernaghan 

Yoga Teacher, Barre & Fitness Instructor



Fitness became my passion around 2009 after my fourth child was born. I started running, kickboxing and generally being more active than ever. Since then, I have become certified as a Personal Trainer, Kickboxing Instructor of Canada (L1 & L2),and a Group Fitness Instructor. I have taken a variety of courses in the field of exercise, nutrition and weight loss to further my knowledge but the bee in my bonnet is my yoga certification. Yoga just brings everything together. It brings balance and harmony to my life, my fitness and to myself.

Yoga has highlighted the strengths and limitations in my body and in my life. Coming to my mat gives me the space to breathe, think and to just be me.

I trained with Clayton and Shannon in the 2014 YTT program which was one of the most transformative 7 months I’ve experienced, meeting so many amazing friends and teachers along the way.

I teach fun, fast-paced, energetic classes that are designed to strengthen, tone and challenge the body and mind. I teach, Sculpt, Barre, Flow, Vinyasa, Hatha, Mom and Baby Fit and Ultimate Conditioning.

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Mary-anne Hooper

Yoga Teacher 

Mary-anneI have been practicing yoga for over 5 years now and graduated from my first yoga teacher training program in 2013.  Since then I have found my style and graduated from two other teacher training programs in Restorative Yoga.  Restorative yoga has helped me totally transform my life.  I am much more patient, calmer and can easily settle my mind into stillness.

I am very fortunate and grateful to Shanine and Clayton who helped me realize what style of yoga resonated with my soul and very grateful to Andrea Paleso and Beth Rutty who guided me through my Restorative training.

Restorative yoga uses blocks, bolsters and blankets to achieve a deep level of relaxation as we hold the poses for longer periods of time. Although you are relaxed and rested some people find it difficult, as your mind will settle into stillness also.

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Mieka Forte

Yoga Teacher


Mieka Forte

Dance and movement have always been a part of my life. So while studying Kinesiology in university Yoga seemed to be a natural extension to what I was already doing. Little did I realize that it would become a massive part of my life and help me overcome so many obstacles including my own personal experience with cancer. Yoga began as a physical practice for me has evolved into my journey of acceptance and understanding of both myself and others.

I have been extremely fortunate to have been inspired by some amazing teachers including Seane Corne, Susie Diaz, Sadie Nardini and Michelle Cormack. I have also been moved by some who wouldn't necessarily consider themselves a teacher such as my amazing husband, my two beautiful boys, my friends and all those who I have had the opportunity to practice with.
I like to try and teach according to the energy in the room that day with some challenge, some fun and of course love.

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Natalie Pearson Workman

Yoga Teacher


Natalie P_Web

Feeling anxious, agitated and lost, I first came to my mat in 2007. Yoga is my way of stepping out of the fast lane and reconnecting with my authentic self. Through continued practice I have become more grounded, calm and confident. I love all aspects of the practice, but have found a true connection to pranayama and meditation. I initially enrolled in the Chrysalis Yoga Teacher training program to deepen my own practice, but soon realized that I wanted to share the benefits of yoga with others. I am inspired by the teachings of Shanine Dennill, Clayton Smith, Rod Stryker, Bernie Clark, Sarah Barnhart, Johanna De Castro and Andrea Peloso. 

As a teacher my intention is to create a safe space for students to experience their own yoga journey by weaving yoga asana, breath work and meditation into my classes. Together we will stretch and strengthen our bodies, connect with our breath and cultivate peaceful minds before stepping back into the world feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

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Norbert Lakatos

Yoga Teacher


In 2012 with the support of my loving parents I decided to drop out of university and being a Yoga Teacher Training program at Chrysalis Yoga; it turned out to be the best decision of my life! Thank you to my Teachers, Shanine Dennill and Clayton Smith for their guidance and humor during a difficult time in my life. In June of 2013, I finished my YTT program and I began teaching Hatha Yoga. That winter I discovered Kundalini Yoga and began to attend classes with master teacher Hari Nam Singh Khalsa. I began teaching Kundalini Yoga in 2015.

My inspiration for teaching comes from my personal struggle with scoliosis. Yoga is united energy. It unites the body, mind and spirit so one can live in health and happiness. My focus is on proper alignment and breath awareness.

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Rachel Saxon

Yoga Teacher


Rachel webI came to yoga as a needed change to my physical exercise routine, and immediately fell in love. Before long I developed a deep desire to expand my practice beyond my mat and signed up for a Transformation workshop, and transformation is exactly what happened! By the end I was happier, healthier, and gave off an inner glow. I knew yoga was where I belonged.


Each teacher has taught me something new along the way. Teacher training was a life-changing experience, and I am so thankful for Clayton and Shanine for guiding me through!


I teach classes that are physically challenging and focused on proper alignment, and explain how the yoga poses affect the body.


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Sejal Patel

Meditation Teacher
Sajel PatelSome journeys begin in a very unassuming way. Just like mine, quest to establish a healthy habit of meditation. It wasn’t easy. I kept losing my focus, left my practice for days and sometimes months. But my faith in the practice remained resilient and I kept coming back to it.

A desire to help my son gain mental focus in his gymnastics and deepen my own practice led me to the Meditation Teacher Training Program with Tony Murdock at Chrysalis Yoga. In this journey I found much more than that- Courage to face my fears, a sense of Awareness, Clarity, and Peace... Dots finally started connecting.

We go to great lengths to take care of our body. Similarly, we can take care of our mind by meditating. My classes explore different styles and techniques of meditation. This provides a toolkit that you can reach out anytime of the day to help minimize stress and enjoy joyful balanced lives. My hope is to integrate meditation in your daily lives so you can create ‘Mindful Moments’ throughout the day.

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Sarah Barnhart

Yoga Teacher
Sarah BYoga found me at a time when it was most helpful for me both on and off the mat and has transformed my life in ways I did not know were possible. I am stronger in both body and mind and face each day with a sense of awareness and mindfulness as I bring my yoga, bit by bit, into all that I do.

My greatest teacher and inspiration in my life is my son. I may not have found my path had he not arrived to give me direction. I am deeply inspired by my teacher Beth Rutty, who opened my eyes and my heart to Anusara yoga. Also, Sue Elkind, Naime Jezzeny, Douglas Brooks and Anna Verwaal, all who I happened upon by chance and have changed my life in amazing ways, and Clayton and Shanine who gave me a place to unfold my wings.


I have the wonderful opportunity to teach hot flow classes and to practice my yoga off the mat as a birth doula.


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Shanine Dennill

Owner & Yoga Teacher

ShanineI was introduced to yoga while living in South Africa. It wasn’t until I came to Canada, after people encouraged me to try yoga again, that I fell in love with it. I felt more physically, mentally and emotionally empowered by the practice of yoga. I have noticed dramatic physical changes over the years of practicing it. Yoga has opened up my heart, allowed me to become more connected with myself and the flow of grace in my life.


I am inspired by our teachers, friends and family (especially my mom). I look up to Nesta Falladown, Todd Norian & Ann Greene, many teachers and my students. 


My classes focus on finding the beauty in the poses, ourselves and life, while remaining grounded in the principles of alignment. I love to learn and throw in new and challenging poses in my classes!


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Steph Sintichakis

Yoga Teacher

Yoga teacher training was a way to deepen my own practice and learn more about my body, which I did accomplish, but I found so much more; I found a love for the physical, mental, and spritual challenges within my practice and discovered how those lessons affected my daily life. It is now my mission to show others what yoga can do for them and more importantly what they can do for themselves through yoga.

I believe that just like a fingerprint there are no two practices alike and with that in mind I aim to create an atmosphere of experimentation within my classes. This allows my students to do what feels best for their bodies and to find their version of full expression within poses. I aim to provide a practice where everything is organic and in tune with what the body is asking for in that moment. Sometimes this means pushing limits and other times it’s finding solace in simplicity.

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Wendy Baker

Yoga Teacher


WendyI came to yoga 7 years ago when I was expecting my second child. It was suggested to me by my doctors that I try it. Little did I know it would become a huge part of my life. Yoga has taught me so many wonderful things. It has shown me how to be more calm and patient. Both great things when you are a stay home mom of two very busy boys. Yoga has also taught me to live more in the present moment not the past or future. I honestly feel incredibly connected with the world and people around me.


Thanks to the amazing Shanine and Clayton I was able to learn more about yoga through their teacher training at Chrysalis Yoga Studio. I can now share my love of yoga with anyone who will listen.


I feel that yoga is a gift to share with others. My goal as a yoga teacher is to teach in a fun and inspirational environment while focusing on body alignment and technique. I aim to expand students’ yoga practices and give them an opportunity to explore their body, mind and spirit.


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