Wish to work for Chrysalis?

Send us your resume and what you are interested in at Chrysalis:

  • Yoga Teacher
  • Yoga Advisor (front desk), or 
  • Energy Exchange (exchange your time for yoga by keeping the studio clean)

If you feel you demonstrate all of these qualities below, email us at: info@chrysalisyoga.ca




  • We go above and beyond what is expected in our roles to provide excellent service and education to students and co-workers
  • We practice leadership everyday, regardless of position or title
  • We are fully competent in the service we provide
  • We provide an excellent space to everyone by keeping the studio clean




  • We strive to continuously educate everyone through yoga and other healing modalities
  • We educate ourself through yoga and other services so that we continue to grow and transform
  • We educate others on day-to-day activities and operations




  • We are honest with ourself about our capabilities and needs and don’t take on more than we can handle
  • We are honest in all day-to-day activities with others




  • We are humble in that we honour where our student/customer/co-worker is at in their journey
  • We are humble in our capabilities
  • We are humble in knowing that it takes a team to make Chrysalis Yoga successful




  • We ensure that our actions lead to happiness
  • We take care of ourself to lead a happy lifestyle and share that with others
  • We exude happiness


Supportive & Caring


  • We are supportive and caring to students, co-workers and others.
  • We go above and beyond to help a student, co-worker, or anyone who needs help.
  • We support and care for ourself




  • We listen and respect everyone’s ideas and their path
  • We show respect for where others are at in their journey
  • We show respect for co-workers
  • We show respect for mother earth


Environmentally Conscious


  • We always take actions to minimize Chrysalis’s environmental footprint